10 Strangest Guinness World Records Make You Astonished

The concept for the Guinness Book of World Records arrived from an argument Sir Hugh Beaver, handling director from the Guinness Brewery, had on the hunting trip within the early nineteen fifties. He was not able to locate the solution towards the quickest game bird in almost any reference book.

Later on, that impressed his plan for Guinness to complete a promotion about a book that will settle pub arguments. That 1st book, written through Norris as well as Ross McWhirter, was printed August 27, 1955. And also, the 2016 version – total with the up to date round of titles – will probably be accessible on September ten. In honor of the sixtieth anniversary, here are a few from the wackiest record holders.

Most Big Macs Eaten inside a Lifetime:


Go, ‘Murica U.S resident Donald A. Gorske eaten his 26,000th McDonald’s Large Mac on Oct 11, 2012. After forty years of consuming Big Macs on the everyday basis. The majority of Apples Located in Own Mouth as well as Reduce through Chainsaw in one Minute

This illustrious honor (we would like to understand the number of individuals had been braving sufficient to truly compete for it) takes place through London-based performance artist Johnny Unusual. He set up the record of 8 apples in a single minute in Oct 2013 in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

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