10 Extremely Strange Wedding Traditions in The World

The wedding may be a common celebration, however for some, it is an unbelievable crazy journey. It may be gross, confusing or terrifying. Imagine shooting the bride or even marrying a banana tree. How’s that to get a wedding ceremony?

  • Inspecting a Baby Chick‚Äôs Liver (China)

chick's liver

Personality, a way of life, education, background or any other factors do not provide a hint if a wedding will succeed or fail for the Daur individuals of China. They base their happy-marriage predictions around the liver of the baby chick. Because the couple is about to set their wedding ceremony date, the 2 share a knife to slice open up a chick to examine its liver.

A healthy liver means they are able to set a date and also the marriage will flourish. A nasty liver means setting a day at this moment would doom the union. Therefore, the couple retains slaughtering chicks till they find one having an appropriate liver that guarantees a vibrant long term – so long as you are not the chicken.

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