8 Incredible Bicycle Concepts Of The Future


Bicycles are amazing means of transportation. Bicycles can be used to get from point A to B, and they’re also pretty useful for picnics or just a relaxing ride in the park. There are many reasons to get a bicycle. They’re pretty obvious but let us just name at least 5: 1)Bicycling doesn’t pollute the environment. 2)Bicycles are much cheaper than cars. 3)You don’t have to pay for gas, they pretty much run on fat. 4)You get a workout while doing your usual daily errands. 5) You get to avoid traffic.

#1 – iBike


This iBike futuristic concept does not only look stunning, but it has amazing features as well. Like any other bicycle it is a healthy and non-polluting alternative to driving and having to deal with traffic jam. iBike also has several unique features, including iPod charger and its design is absolutely mind-blowing!

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