Is It True What Your Hand Tells About You and Your Marriage?


Most of us feel excited about going to know something about our future, career, love and health so we sometimes go and visit a palm reader in order to find the answers that we want to the questions confused us for a long time, but actually there is a way of reading our own palms easily to learn more about ourselves in the future. Let’s do this by ourselves without the necessity of visiting a palm reader.

  • What Your Finger Lengths Tell About You:

To see what your fingers say about you, straighten out your left hand and compare it to the images below. Hand “A” means your ring finger is longer than your index finger. Hand “B” means your index finger is longer than your ring finger. Hand “C” means your ring and index finger are the same length.

A: The Ring finger is longer than the Index finger


People with longer Ring finger than the Index finger are more likely to be charming, good-looking and eye-catching. These people are said to be more adventurous, aggressive but intelligent, that is to say better at thinking and solving problems. They often give better performances when playing chess and solving crosswords. Researchers also found that longer ring fingers made more money than their short ring-fingered colleagues.


  1. I have an ” A ” type hand regardless what researchers say. Everything they say about that type of hand does not and never has applied to me. No wealth, no good looks, or any of that. In fact quite the opposite.

  2. I noticed years ago that men tend to have longer ring fingers than index finger and that women are just the opposite. Is this true?

  3. I have studied palmistry for over 40 years and do not think a lot of your comments .e.g You do not refer to the fingers by their names. index finger saturn,.middle finger jupiter, ring finger apollo, small finger mercury and thumb finger mars.

    Also when your ring finger is larger that your index finger means you more than likely to be famous
    When your palm is larger than your fingers your will be a leader .

  4. My goodness! It’s true:) Except that I’m not all that charming or eye-catching :) I’m more like Maxine in the comic strip…:)

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