The Shape of Your Toes Says About Your Personality

8a0633b3-39ec-4977-90f4-3e718d5a8a61_desktopDo you have a Roman foot or a Greek foot? We all have toes but seldom knows that different shape of toes or feet tells the story about different personality, fortune and future. However, almost everyone knows and believes what the hand lines tell. Today, we are going to surprise you by looking into four distinct shapes of the foot and revealing the hidden story that tells a great deal about your personality behind them.

#1: Roman Feet – Confident


Roman foot is also known as the “Common Foot”, it usually has longer big toe and proportionate second and third toes. People who have this type of feet are usually very outgoing, talkative and curious about new things and experiences. If you are one of them, you must be a sociable person who can speak confidently in front of crowd and a travel lover who desires to discover a whole new world, therefore, there are some jobs that are especially suitable for you to do such as businessman, lecturer, TV presenter and so on.


  1. Egyptian feet which is also called the “Stretched Foot”, is the most common type. This type of feet is the most well-ordered one for the big toe is the longest and largest with the decreasing length of remaining toes. People with this type of foot are usually impulsive, mysterious and seeing personal privacy as priority, but they will give all their heart to you if they trust you entirely.
    Yes that is me perfect that number 4 in my feet

  2. NO 3# is not totally accurate!! I am not a leader of anything nor should I be. I don’t have that confidence it takes to be a leader. I am an introvert and always question my every desision

  3. It’s well know that women who have a longer second toe, are promiscuous. Playboy magazine proved it to be so. You remember, back when they did serious journalism.

  4. I have a Greek foot, #3. When I was a little boy my grandma often told me that one day I will be controlled by my wife. Meaning that first toe is me and the second toe represents wife. Now that I’m 61 I know she was right. Twice married and twice under toe (wife).

  5. I’ve never laughed so hard reading one of these! My wife has a #3 foot and is the complete opposite of every single thing that was written. Very smart but questions her every move. Would rather be quiet in the back of the room then to be noticed.

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