Top 5 the Sexiest Men in the World

Appreciating the beautiful people is no longer the privilege of men, more and more women nowadays are tending to express the beauty of men by electing and ranking their favorite ones into a list of the sexiest men all around the world, they do it annually so the faces of candidates appeared in every year’s list are changing all the time. Let’s see the newest ranking for 2017.

  • Top 5: Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik fully names as Zain Javadd Zayn Malik. This 23-year-old boy is an English singer, songwriter and soloist, he won the Asian Awards for outstanding contribution to Music and has been nominated to Teen Choice Awards for Fashion Choice Male Hottie in 2015.

  • Top 4: Tom Hiddleston


Though Loki is the villain of Marvel film Thor, nobody could ever stop Tom Hiddleston to win the girls’ hearts and to be elected as the fourth sexiest man all over the world. Tom Hiddlestion, best known for the role of Loki in Thor and the role in the film War Horse, is an English actor and gentleman.

  • Top 3: Henry Cavill


You must be in doubt with the fact that Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill comes at the third place of the sexiest because he is as sexy as the superhero Superman.

  • Top 2: Jamie Dornan


Jamie Dornan, born in 1982, is a Northern Irish actor, model and musician. He got massive attentions from the role of Mr. Christian Grey in the film Fifty Shades of Grey.

  • Top 1: Aidan Turner


To everyone’s surprise, Aidan Turner landed at the very top spot of the list with 340,000 votes. He was born in 1983, is a lower-profile Irish actor who is best known for the role as Kili in the three-part fantasy film The Hobbies and the BBC series “Poldark”.

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