Top 8 Sexiest Places for Female Tattoos

How much time have you been thinking what kind of tattoo design that you want to wear the most? One month, one year or five years? Finding a perfect place for a tattoo actually is as the same importance as choosing a design, or we can say you should spend more time in fingering out getting a tattoo on which place makes you the sexiest. Here we provide our help, below shows a list of the top 8 sexist places for female tattoos, it maybe different from other lists so we sure you will get some inspirations after reading through.

No.8 Triceps Tattoo


Arm tattoos which is beloved by both men and women are quite usual and widespread now. Speaking of arm tattoos, we have forearm tattoos, inner arm tattoos, wrist tattoos, upper inner arm tattoos and so on. You probably think that the wrist tattoos are the sexiest one among these, but we think a little bit different. Compared with the wrist, triceps are more curvaceous and not as slender as the wrist is. Therefore, tattoos on triceps can be more creative and varied.

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