What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You?

You may have heard of palm reading, but fingernail reading?! Fingernails are so small that few people regard the fingernails as meaningful. However, to your surprise, your fingernails contain so many invisible messages about you. This quiz claims to be able to guess your personality just based on the shape of your fingernail alone! Today we goanna share you the message on personality and quality behind your nails.

#1 – Almond


The almond features itself by rounded out at the tip instead of pointy. People with this style have modern taste, walking ahead the fashion and care about quality.

If you wear this nail, you are practical yet creative and gravitate towards unusual, unique choices. You want things to stay functional, but you’re always inclined to incorporate some innovation in what you do. You are chic and sophisticated but you like to keep things real and have things your way.


  1. I AM DEFINITELY NUMBER 4 !! The rounded shape is the most common and the lowest maintenance nail shape you can have.
    It allows you to move and move around without breaking it. People who have this nail shape generally don’t like to try new things and tend to take a back seat rather than being the star.
    You’ve worked the same style for some time and you most likely stuck with the same manicurist for years. You are easy going yet very practical.

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