What Is Your Personality Hiding Behind Your Eyelines?

Eyes are the window through our heart and eyes can say a lot about ourselves. For people who fascinate about embracing beauty, eyes are the most important step in their makeup processions. Speaking up makeup on eyes part, the priority goes to the eyelines. Each eyeline says some parts of your nature. If you have your regular choice, the eyeline of course says something about your personality. So, what does your eyelines say about you?

#1 – Tight lined


This eyeline is virtually invisible or unnoticeable, but this eyeline can make a dramatic impact in shaping your eyes. This eyeline seems no mess and clean.

If you regularly wear this eyeline, you tend to be the no mess or no hassle. There is an effortlessness to who you are. People find you are easy to get along but you are not intimate type. You don’t go noticed and tend to do your things in your own way. Sometimes it is what you don’t say keeps people intrigued.

#2 – Classic bar

classic bar

This eyeline follows your natural eye shape. If you stick to this classic style, you tend to have a classic taste. You are easily attracted by classic or traditional options.

Your friend regard you as a dependable friend and thanks to your taste, you are strong in your common sense.

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